Fangs & Foul Play 0-2: horror, justice, an evil vampiric cat

Created by L. K. Ingino

A tortured ex-colonel becomes enslaved to a sarcastic vampiric cat and is forced to do his bidding.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Comics starting to ship!
4 months ago – Mon, May 22, 2023 at 10:04:38 PM

Hey everyone, without going into too much detail, I wanted to apologize for the delay.

The last few weeks have been paperwork and a lot of emotional drain and just navigating life (the good news is there shouldn't be much left to do now, and I can feel myself feeling better and better most days); I didn't want to post an update until I had anything worthwhile to post and now I have a batch ready to go to the post office and more are being packaged each night!

Tracking numbers will go out as they are shipped :)

And, I do want to do something to make up some of the delay. It will be digital. I'm not sure what just yet. If you've got an idea let me know (can't guarantee I'll go with that exact one, but good to get the idea train going!)

Pic of some packages, woohoo! It does feel good to be getting further along and I know everyone's been waiting for much longer than anticipated, and I really appreciate it and again apologize. Once everything is shipped I'll start getting to work on something a lil extra (per above) :)

Things are happening!
5 months ago – Thu, Apr 20, 2023 at 05:32:20 PM

I just wanted to take a moment to again apologize for the delay.

Fulfillment is still in progress, but the key word here, is, progress!!!

I've got almost 100 copies of Issue 2 signed and bagged/boarded :)

Still a bit to do, but, shipping should finally start soon!

I've got my USPS boxes to transport the packages, so next step is to add in the goodies (and also get together the orders with more comics, add ons, etc) and get them in their packages!

Pic for proof ^__^

Status update
6 months ago – Fri, Mar 17, 2023 at 05:19:08 PM

Hey wonderful backers,

I wanted to take a minute to apologize for the delay and give an update.

Unfortunately, I've found myself going through a divorce on top of losing my job and also needing to fill an open room in my house. The last few weeks of February into March I could only focus on trying to save my marriage and then being told two weeks ago that that was no longer an option.

I am just starting to be a tad bit productive again and I am prioritizing starting to get some packages together this weekend. I hope you can all understand and again apologize for the delay <3 obviously, none of this was planned or foreseen, but of course I want to do right by you all and get things out as quickly as I can!

I'm also trying to get out as many packages before WonderCon as possible as I do believe that as backers you should get yours first, so that is why I'm working hard to get out as many as possible this weekend, though it likely won't be a full 100%.

If you will be at WonderCon and would like to pick up your items there please let me know!

Also, with all going on, I've decided to sign the comics "LK" if you absolutely must have the full signature, let me know, I will honor it. I will likely be changing the name in the future, but have not decided on that just yet.

Thanks to everyone for supporting with me and bearing with me through this <3

Fixed comics are here!!! + Digital downloads have been distributed
8 months ago – Sat, Feb 04, 2023 at 11:32:51 PM

Happy Weekend!

I received the re-printed comics this week and they look great!

You should have also just received a notification that your digital items are ready for download.

There will be an updated Issue 2 digital w/ the thanks page coming shortly, but, so that you can read it now I've sent it out without as that still needs to get created.

Physical Package Fulfillment

I've had a unexpected life change, wherein I may not have work at the end of the month. There are a couple of possibilities, but no guarantee. So, that means that most of my free time is going to job searching.

However, I have started printing out the packing lists and will start signing a few at a time to get started on the process as well as starting to ship little by little. Knowing myself, I'll probably end up just taking one day and trying to get a bunch out, but I'm also trying to keep on top of the job searching. I hope you all understand, and I am trying my best to still fulfill everything within a timely manner <3

Comics are...out of order @__@
8 months ago – Thu, Jan 19, 2023 at 12:37:11 PM

Soo...checked the comics, and they were misprinted, ahhhh!!!

Thankfully the printer is taking care of it as the error was on their end.

And, it looks like I should have them in early February.

So I'd say on the long end fulfillment will complete mid-March, but likely a little earlier :) so it won't be pushed back by too much!

I'm moving to locking orders tomorrow to give everyone one more day, but just wanted to give an update on the fulfillment! This way I can still get on ordering the other items and once the corrected comics arrive and I've ensured all is good, fulfillment can start!